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Friday, September 7, 2012

Being Evicted - Please Help Me

My landlord says I need to leave my apartment by October 1st. My apartment would be cleaned and renovated. Then I could return two months later, but the rent would be $70 a month higher and I don't think I can afford that. And my car broke down a few weeks ago so I don't have a car right now to get around. I'm getting rides to work 12 miles away so far. A friend says that I could move into her old house which is vacant with no rent, just paying the utilities, but it needs a new water pump or I won't have any water. My friend's brother and I can install it, but it will cost $400. If you want to help with a good used car also I could get a good used one for about $1,000 (I found a great 1995 with just 130,000 for $1,300). If you can help me with some or all of this please donate to my Paypal account at the following website: Being Evicted - Please Help Me, or mail to:

Roger Bovee
PO Box 404
Wautoma, WI 54982


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